We can’t get enough of Peggy Gou, and we’re about to get a lot more after the announcement of her brand new record label. ‘Gudu’ is set to be the label’s name - meaning ‘shoes’ in Korean, as well as being a play on ‘Gou do’.

If this news wasn’t enough, we are now treated to an upcoming EP, ‘Movement’, from the Berlin-based DJ.

Being two tracks long, the first track from the EP, ‘Starry Night’ is available to listen here. This uplifting first entry brings the groove and features vocals from Gou herself. Check it out. We can’t wait to see what ‘Gudu’ will have in store as Peggy aims to direct it’s artistic style.

Peggy Gou will be joining us on the Paradiso Stage on Sunday this year. Not one to miss.