Arguably the most iconic trio to come out of Drum & Bass, Noisia have been together for the last twenty years in which time they have cemented themselves as a household D&B name. As most of you are probably already aware, after an incredibly successful few years the group announced in September that 2020 would be the final year that Noisia perform as a collective.

Known for being at the forefront of production within the Drum & Bass scene, Noisia aren’t ones to stick to one sound. Exploring everything from experimental soundscapes, to heavy hitting Dubstep, bass heavy influenced Hip Hop and of course their unmistakeable, devilish Neuro D&B. A flick through their extensive back catalogue shows you a plethora of their own tracks as well as features from the likes of The Upbeats, Foreign Beggars, Teebee and much more.

The news of the groups split came in the form of a Facebook post stating that “Noisia is a game we’ve completed. There’s very little left for us to explore together… A good artist should know when an artwork is finished”.

Noisia joined us for a special guest DJ set on the Centre stage in 2019 and stole the spotlight, with bass heads flocking from all corners of the festival to witness their set. With the southwest bass music scene itching to know whether Noisia will return to Bristol before they split, the question on everyone’s mind is, will they be joining us for the last dance at Eastville Park?