After an explosive summer for Slowthai going from strength to strength and blowing up across the UK rap scene the energetic new kid on the block has proved he’s here to stay after absolutely slewing the festival circuit and then moving swiftly onto a sold out UK tour.

Additionally, back in August Mura Masa confirmed with NME that “Album two is done, and I can confirm it’s banging” whilst also stating “I’m making a guitar album in a way”. With the pairs last release, the critically acclaimed ‘Doorman’ being praised for it’s hard hitting bass line and punk attitude by an eclectic mix of ages, demographics and music fans, it was a logical step for the two of them to join forces once again for another release.

‘Deal Wiv It’ consists of Slowthai’s signature lyricism, a well balanced mix of social commentary and whatever’s on his mind alongside an almost Mike Skinner-esque, spoken word flow. This is all brought together by Mura Masa’s LCD Sound System style Punk/Electronic, rough and ready backing track.

If this track is anything to show for Mura Masa’s new release it looks like we’re in for a fast paced album with some exciting features and unique style. In an interview with NME, Masa confirmed it’s “stuffed full of collaborations” including “a lot of indie and rock people”.

With both Mura Masa and Slowthai having shelled down multiple sets at LSTD in the past, the question is now – will they return for the last dance at Eastville Park? Check out the new video below.