Episode 496 of Resident Advisor’s Exchange podcast – the interview series which delves into the stories, narratives and people that make up the fabric of dance music – sits Joe Muggs down with Bristol tastemaker DJ Die to discuss the music and basslines that rumble through our city. From the distinct South West sound to its integral place in drum and bass history, he discusses his relationship with the iconic Full Cycle records as well as his projects with GutterFunk – his label that played host to last year’s Lost Gardens stage.

The discussion sees the two delve into what feeds the Bristol scene as well as the multitude of influences that help DJ Die and GutterFunk’s musical output take shape. Listen to the episode in full here. DJ Die, Randall, Dismantle, Prima and SGT Pokes will be performing as Watch The Ride on Saturday 23rd May at the last dance on Eastville Park.