Following his recent ‘Hoodies All Summer’ album, Kano has brought out a short documentary following the process behind the creation of his latest studio project and 6th album, ahead of his upcoming UK tour.


The documentary, filmed mostly on handheld or phone cameras with clips of studio footage dubbed over with the sound of Kano’s voice, looks deeper into the meaning behind the tracks. Everything from discussing his approach to certain topics on the album to making tunes that ‘sound like Gucci loafers’. 


Featuring interviews with the likes of D Double E, Popcaan, Ghetts & Kojo Funds, who all feature on the album as well as producers Blue May and Jodi Miller, the artists comment on the musical and cultural importance behind each track. “I don’t know what other legends, as a trio could come together to do a track like that”, D Double E claims when discussing his, Kano and Ghetts’ collaboration on ‘Class of Deja’.


From Hip Hop, to Garage, to Grime – the album covers all of Kano’s bases, having gone to top 8 in the album charts during it’s first week of release, the album has proven to be well received with the public. Solidifying himself as the voice of a generation, ‘Hoodies All Summer’ is packed with social commentary and questions and the documentary further explores the meaning and thought process behind these. 


Watch for yourself below.