Code of Conduct

Love Saves the Day is an inclusive festival where people can come together to share a love of music, creativity and dancing.  We form a community that welcomes people of all races, religions, Countries of origin, abilities, ethnicities, genders, ages and sexual orientations.

Love Saves the Day has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment.  Everyone who is on site for our festival (including all guests, crew and performers) should be able to enjoy and express themselves without fear of judgement, intimidation, harassment, violence, abuse or anti-social behaviour.

If anyone at the festival behaves in a way that contradicts this policy then we reserve the right to respond in any manner that we deem necessary - this could include eviction from site or reporting the matter to the relevant authorities.

If you witness or are subject to harassment or any unwanted attention that makes you feel uncomfortable whilst at Love Saves the Day, then please inform a member of staff or security as soon as possible. All complaints will be taken seriously, promptly addressed and dealt with sensitively and appropriately.

Harassment in all it's forms weakens our community and will not be tolerated. We encourage everyone involved with our festival to treat each other with dignity and respect.