Recent Futureboogie releasee & Club Blanco boss Chez de Milo delivers 90 minutes of low-slung, dancefloor ready heaters for Dance Local 005. Inspired by the Coroner’s Court – the old court mortuary nextdoor to Stokes Croft institution Lakota – his mix captures the ‘raw grittiness’ that makes the space so exciting.

LSTD: Chez, thank you for your contribution to Dance Local, could you let us know some information on the venue that’s inspired this mix?

Chez De Milo: The Venue I have chosen is The Coroners Court, which is an old abandoned court mortuary next to Lakota in Stokes Croft. It’s my favourite spot in the city to let loose, The raw grittiness and DIY nature of the space is something I find really exciting.
LSTD: What was your first encounter with The Coroners Court like? And how has that relationship developed overtime?

Chez De Milo: I think I first encountered the space back in 2012, back when the front room stayed open until 10am and the ceiling was prone to cave in. Early parties there from Just Jack and Shapes were really special to me, and I have formed some great lasting friendships on that dance floor. Over the years I have seen many great DJs play there – Jane Fitz, Optimo, Roi Perez, Hunee, Omar S, Budino to name a few. Most recently I hold special memories of the Coroners Court as I was the last venue I played with Andrew Weatherall, which happened to be the last of many gigs I played with Andrew before he sadly past 2 weeks after the show.

LSTD: Nightclubs and venues have always been an integral part of any Cities music scene – can you expand on the role The Coroners Court plays in nurturing Bristol’s wider musical community?
Chez De Milo: Venues likes this are the foundations for the scene, and for a city the size of Bristol with already limited late night club spaces, these types of venues are vitally important for the underground music community. DIY spaces allow promotors and creatives to think outside of the box and express themselves, showcase international artists as well as giving a platform for local artist like myself to perform to likeminded people in an engaging environment.
LSTD: 2020 was an absolutely devastating year for nightclubs and event spaces. What can people do to help support The Coroners Court over the coming months and as we slowly return to normality following the Pandemic?
Chez De Milo:Support local venues and events trying to do something interesting for the right reasons. It is also important going forward that we do everything we can to make these venues safe environments, where everyone is welcome and can feel comfortable to be themselves.