Noods Radio resident and one of the minds behind the legendary Dirtytalk parties, it’s Jackin’ Patz turn to step up for Dance Local. Slowly shifting from lounge listening to crusades through leftfield and new wave, her mix imagines a night at Bristol’s new DIY venue Strange Brew. Take a deep dive into their dancefloor.



LSTD: Thank you for your contribution to Dance Local, could you let us know some information on the space that inspired this mix?

Jackin’ Patz: The mix is inspired by Strange Brew – a new DIY music and arts space in Bristol, which opened in September 2020 (with a lot of help from supporters and volunteers) for a brief couple of months before lockdown hit again. It’s yet to be fully baptised with dancing! The mix has various styles to reflect the ‘anything goes’ vibe at the venue with tracks that can be enjoyed sitting down (which was the new norm for a bit last year!) or on a dancefloor. It’s music that, for me, evokes feelings of togetherness, nostalgia for past times on the dancefloor, and dreams of how joyful it will be when we can have people dancing in Strange Brew.


LSTD: What was your first encounter with Strange Brew like? And how has that relationship developed over time?

Jackin’ Patz: I’m part of the team behind Strange Brew, alongside Shaun Tennant, Leigh Dennis and Rob Needham. From the moment we viewed the place it was love at first sight – we could instantly see all the potential for music, dancing, installations with its high ceilings, concrete pillars and industrial feel.


It was a very lengthy process to bring the project to fruition so the building has been in my life/in my head for a long time. Opening was an amazing feeling, even though it was during a pandemic and we couldn’t do all the things we had planned, just seeing the space being used and come to life with music and people was a beautiful thing.


LSTD: Nightclubs and venues have always been an integral part of any city’s music scene – can you expand on the role you feel Strange Brew has within Bristol’s wider musical community?

Jackin’ Patz: Strange Brew is still very new but we hope to be another string to the city’s bow alongside the other great venues we have. The ideal is for the venue to be a welcoming hub for Bristol’s musicians, DJs, artists and people who love art and music to congregate. Giving a platform for upcoming artists, local performers and more niche genres is important to us and we hope people will feel a sense of freedom to experiment too


LSTD: 2020 was an absolutely devastating year for nightclubs and event spaces. What can people do to help support Strange Brew over the coming months and as we return to normality following the pandemic?

Jackin’ Patz: Some ways to support local venues – buy tickets for upcoming shows, look at what else the venues are offering (merchandise, Patreon, music releases) and get on board, pop in for a drink when they’re open, shout about your favourite venues or upcoming gigs, leave positive online reviews…


What the venue has to say: “The pandemic has really highlighted just how vital dancing, music events and venues are to so many people – the classic thing of not realising just how precious something is until it’s gone! The support we and other venues have had from the local community has been fantastic and we’re hopeful that there will be a joyous return once restrictions are fully lifted.”