After OH91’s huge debut for Dance Local, Bristol DJ, party starter and radio host Manami takes us on a slow-burning odyssey through jazzy instrumentals, soothing world sounds and bumping funk.


She dedicates her mix to Gloucester Road hotspot The Gallimaufry (or, as it’s known to the locals, the Galli) – listen to the mix here:



LSTD: Thank you for your contribution to Dance Local, could you let us know some information on the space that inspired this mix?

Manami: I’ve chosen The Gallimaufry, which I consider to be like my ‘2nd home’ in Bristol. It’s a bar/venue on Gloucester Road and my choice spot to spend a lovely afternoon or evening out. Great music is playing every night of the week, the food is amazing, the staff are lovely and vibes are aplenty. I’ve been their Friday night resident for almost 2 years. I co-ran the Fridays with Jake Neathway until the end of last year, and we would soundtrack the whole evening together and we’d also invite a selection of local DJ’s to play each month. We also threw a couple of parties there as well. 


The mix is based on the vibe and trajectory I’d take the music over the course of the evening on a Friday night at the Galli. Things usually begin slow and chilled as people are finishing their food, gradually shifting to more grooving tempos. There have been times in there when it’s got pretty pumping by the end of the night. I’ve also slid in a couple of tracks from Galli affiliated artists Waldo’s Gift and Neathway. 


LSTD: What was your first encounter with the Galli like? And how has that relationship developed over time?

Manami: I was first invited to play with their previous Friday residents Soulworks. It was then when I met James Koch, who owns and runs the venue. As Soulworks were leaving the Fridays, he asked Jake and I to take over and our friendship has been growing since. He cares deeply about music, as is evident from the venue’s output of the city’s best live musicians. We’re lucky to have someone like James that is so passionate about supporting artists and championing their music. So I’m just incredibly grateful for his support and trust in me over the music at his venue. 


LSTD: Nightclubs and venues have always been an integral part of any city’s music scene – can you expand on the role you feel the Galli has within Bristol’s wider musical community?

Manami: We invited a selection of local DJs and friends to join us and play each month. As a result, we were able to connect with so many of the DJs within the Bristol community, to just hang out and listen to nice music together. That was a real highlight. It was nice to be able to provide that platform for others and for them to be able to share the more chilled side of their music collection. 


LSTD: 2020 was an absolutely devastating year for nightclubs and event spaces. What can people do to help support the Galli over the coming months and as we return to normality following the pandemic?

Manami: Once things start opening again, definitely make it down there. I think it’s one of the best spots to hang out in central Bristol. I fully recommend you go and check out their food. Super fresh seasonal dishes masterminded by head chef Maddie Crombie. In the meantime, go and support them on socials and keep an eye out there, where they’ll be giving updates on the venue over the next few months. Insta: @thegallibristol Facebook: @TheGallimaufryBristol Twitter: @TheGalliBristol


What the venue has to say: “We can’t wait to re-open our doors. In the meantime, please continue to support Bristol independents you value, however possible – a like, a share, a take-out. So too our partners at Caring In Bristol & Bristol Food Union, working tirelessly against inequality throughout our city. Roll on summer, live music and dancing!”