For the debut of our Dance Local series, Bristol producer and WhoCares resident OH91 steps up to the decks with a bumping mix of bass, grime, drill and dubstep.


He’s chosen to honour Motion’s third room – The Tunnel: listen to the mix here.



LSTD: Thank you for your contribution to Dance Local, could you let us know some information on the space that inspired this mix?

OH91: The space that inspired my mix has made a big contribution to my early days of playing Bristol’s clubs. My reason for choosing The Tunnel is, for me, a personal thing – every time I play The Tunnel, I always seem to have a lively time and really enjoy the set I play!


LSTD: What was your first encounter with Motion – and The Tunnel space, in particular – like? And how has that relationship developed over time?

OH91: For me, it’s been one of the clubs that me and my friends would go to from an early age and genuinely just rave – we would go to Motion at night and leave when the sun comes up! Over time, I started to make a relationship with the guys behind the scenes, which led me to book a few sets when I was just floating about, getting my sound out. I started to have really good sets, though – B2B with Superisk or Joker, and even solo sets. Over time, I got to feel a positive crowd response and reception when playing in the Tunnel and it was one of the best feelings ever!


LSTD: Nightclubs and venues have always been an integral part of any city’s music scene – can you expand on the role you feel Motion has within Bristol’s wider musical community?

OH91: I think every city has its major club. London has fabric, and Bristol has a strong hub and Motion definitely plays a key part in our nightlife. There are 3-4 rooms full of music of different genres and vibes! Can’t really go wrong with that, to be honest – can you?


LSTD: 2020 was an absolutely devastating year for nightclubs and event spaces. What can people do to help support Motion over the coming months and as we return to normality following the pandemic?

OH91: This is a hard one ‘cause I can’t actually tell into the future… But I hope Motion makes a comeback after the pandemic and continue to set up more things for artists and fans to engage with. I think Motion has definitely got the support they need and will continue to get from the people who just want to rave again.


What venue has to say…

“Last year was a tough one for everyone. We would like to just send a massive thank you for the support over the many years, we hope you are all staying safe. We can’t wait to reopen our doors to you all, hopefully in the next few months. Stay tuned for a new line of merch and events coming soon. We love you, Motion x”