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chase status

For a duo that started off producing just to get themselves better DJ set times in clubs, it’s safe to say Chase & Status have done pretty well for themselves over the past decade and a half. 2018 marked fifteen years of Chase & Status as well as a new era for the Will and Saul, they’re going back to their roots, to the original Jungle sound that got them where they are today.

Having begun their production careers focused around a unique Jungle & D&B sound - as heard on 2005's single 'Duppy Man' & their critically received More Than Alot album shortly after - they've since gone on to climb the charts again & again. Collaborating with artists such as Plan B, Liam Bailey and Tinchie Stryder on the way, they’ve headlined festivals, arena's & nightclubs across the world over.

2018 saw Chase & Status the launch of their new project Return II Jungle. For this project the production powerhouse went to Jamaica to write and record the album with artists who produced the style of music that was their original inspiration why they got into music in the first place. Rather than sampling old records they went straight to the source and collaborated with artists to create new sounds, working both legendary, old school names as well as newer, upcoming artists that are pushing and developing the original sound.


Seani B, 1xtra host and legendary DJ in his own right, was the pairs in link to Jamaica, having originally being approached by the duo at the beginning of their career and proposed the idea of introducing them to the legends of the Dancehall scene to collaborate with, he thought this was far fetched. Although in 2018, celebrating fifteen years in the game with a worldwide audience he thought this would be a perfect time for them to work on this project and therefore took the duo to Big Yard Studios, Jamaica to work with a variety of artists keeping the original Reggae/Dancehall sound alive.

In late 2018 Chase & Status released the first two singles for this project, featuring Dancehall legends Buru Banton and Mr Vegas as well as a track entitled ‘Retreat’, featuring Jungle legend General Levy which is currently getting dropped in pretty much every Jungle rave up and down the UK. These singles led on to a UK tour showcasing themselves alongside a lineup of some of the most celebrated names in the Jungle and D&B world including a sell out show at the notorious Printworks in London.

In 2019 we can expect more explosive Return II Jungle showcases featuring some very special guests as well as whispers of an album. Chase & Status will be bringing this showcase to Love Saves The Day as part of their Return II Jungle tour to headline the Sunday bringing the likes of Brockie & Det, General Levy, Skibadee & Shabba D along with them.