There is no denying the environmental strain festivals can have on our beautiful planet; with hundreds taking place across the UK and the world over this summer season, we can sometimes forget the collective impact they can have across a single weekend. Love Saves The Day has put together a list of things you can consider when attending festivals across the UK this year.


Thirsty? Bring a reusable water bottle


This one may seem like a given, but bringing a reusable water bottle, or an empty plastic one to a festival already massively reduces the amount of single-use plastics being used onsite from plastic bottles or cups. Of course you should double-check the restrictions on what you can take into festivals you’re attending, but most places should allow an empty bottle into the site. At LSTD we encourage all attending to bring their own which can be refilled at our FRANK Water stations dotted around Eastville Park.


We’re also continuing our reusable cup deposit scheme, and have banned single-use plastics at this years’ LSTD - say goodbye to plastic cups, cutlery, straws and food containers, but please remember to dispose of all rubbish appropriately on site and be good to Eastville Park.


Considering travel options? Buddy up or take public transport


For festivals further-afield, always try and buddy up and search for lift shares. When travelling to Love Saves The Day, resist the taxi temptation and hop aboard our carbon-balanced Love Bus which runs from three key stops in Bristol City Centre directly to Eastville Park, running every 15 minutes. Find more information here. We’d also recommend taking the train to Stapleton Road which is only a short walk away from the site. Even better yet, cycle! If you don’t have a bike, why not utilise Bristol’s YoBike service. Safety first of course.


We are also excited to mention that Love Saves The Day are asking artists and traders to balance their carbon emissions to and from the festival by donating to Energy Revolution, “a festival industry collaboration that turns fossil-fuel travel miles into a direct investment in renewable energy.” Read more here.


Glittering up? Make sure it’s biodegradable


We all know of the harm microplastics have done to our ecosystems, and glitter doesn’t even have to break down to be a part of this. We all love to don our glitter during the summer season, but there are plenty of biodegradable and vegan-friendly companies you can source it from. Outlets such as eBay and Amazon stock plenty, but if you’re looking to support a local cause, take a look at the EcoStardust girls who sell a huge variety of glitter-based products that are all Earth-friendly! So you can look beautiful and help save the planet at the same time, win win!


Searching for festival attire? DIY or charity shops


High-street outlets have caught on to the festival trend and tend to stock more and more appropriate fashion for the season, however the high street fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to our current climate emergency. Instead, take inspiration from retail styles and customise existing clothing, or shop in one of the many Bristol charity shops to give unused clothing a new home; that way you’re also wearing something completely original.


Camping? Cardboard tents!


This may not be applicable to Love Saves The Day, but something to consider. This one might seem a little bit far-fetched, but they do exist! These 100% recyclable cardboard aren’t actually fully available in the UK yet, but the provider KarTent are widening their reach. If you want them to head over to the UK, request them to come to your favourite festival on their website so we can let them know that the demand is here. We know you might be thinking a cardboard tent in British weather is nonsense, but check it out withstanding carwash treatment here. Conversely, if you do take a conventional tent to a camping festival, ALWAYS take it away with you. Remember to leave no trace



We’re sure everybody is already aware of the recommendations above, and there are many more things we could suggest, however it’s always important to remind everybody to do their bit. We can all work together to do our part for the planet. We’ll see you in the sunshine!