In a bid to bring communities together through the promotion of a shared goal, creating a greener future for the area, Plastic Pollution Awareness and Action Projects (PPAAP) in Collaboration with the Woodland Trust and One Tree Per Child have secured two Bristol based patches of land to use for a mass community tree plant.

The plant is taking place on Saturday 30th November and will be part of The Big Climate Fightback, a wider spread project calling on one million people to join the UK’s biggest mass tree-planting campaign, National Tree Week! Bristol planters will be given the choice of a range of species including, Alder, Silver Birch, Hornbeam, Holly Bird or Cherry and will also be given the choice of planting their tree at one of the two designated sites in Southmead and Begbrook or in their own garden or allotment.


Naseem Talukdar, founder of PPAAP said in an interview with B/247 that, “we aim to engage communities that never really engaged with environmental issues through the tree planning – it should be something that brings people together… As well as planting the trees and the environmental benefits they bring such as improving air quality and wellbeing, the projects will also bring people together from all faiths, backgrounds and ages.”


(From left, Naseem Talukdar, Meg Thomas MBE, Jeremy Evan)

According to the committee on climate change, the UK should have 1.5bn new trees by 2050 to meet the net zero carbon target in line with international scientific warnings on climate crisis although the current planting rates are falling short of that with only 1,420 hectares of new woodland planted last year considering the planned target was 5,000.

The Woodland Trust states, “Reducing our carbon emissions will never be enough. It’s vital we grow a UK-wide patchwork of trees and woods – not just by planting but also through natural regeneration. The woods, hedges and green spaces we create buffer existing habitats, tackle climate change and reverse wildlife decline.” You can pick up your own tree from the Neptune Fountain on the Bristol City Centre Promenade on Saturday 30th December; whilst there you can also get free information and talk to representatives from the PPAAP. Reserve yourself a tree here to help save our future and be part of Bristol’s largest community tree plant.