The Belfast-come-London duo, who most of you will have caught on the Just Jack stage this year at Love Saves the Day, have recently released their First album Bicep.

The final track of the LP is titled Aura, the self-proclaimed lead track in which the Bicep boys flex their Irish muscles and surface a nostalgic electronic sound, which develops into a punchy but melancholic flow. Matt describes the duo’s preferred time to play at the Panorama Bar, the space above Berlin’s notorious techno powerhouse, Berghain:

“Our favourite time to play is Sunday afternoon into evening. The light’s creeping through, people are warming into their Sunday, and you can take it a bit more eclectic and emotive.”

Just take a listen to ‘Ayr’ and you can hear that the Irish boys have infused this feeling of the time of day into this track. The fuzzy distortion and atmospheric vocals of ‘Vale’, leads the LP into a progressive ending which is more techy and lamenting than the first handful of tracks.

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